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About us

Ever since the establishment of Rayudu Laboratories in the year 1980, we have been working towards serving the customers with dedication and heartitude by manufacturing, exporting and importing a wide range of ink products and other stationery products that are manufactured, tested at our headquarters in Hyderabad, India.

We are a company with meagre beginning whose heritage can be traced to the time when the ink industry was on the verge of revolution. Today, we stand as one of India’s most leading and the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of various types of specialised ink products. With hundreds of formulations and our rigorous focus on development of high-quality products, we strive to serve better and win over new customers.

Ability to innovate and to provide customized products are integral part of our DNA. At Rayudu Laboratories, we regard ourselves to be constantly learning, improving and innovating, much more proud of our dedication to fulfil the needs of our customers.

The Quality Quotient

The quality has always been of paramount importance to us and it is the basis of the success and reputation that we revel in today. We have a well-equipped R&D center with sustainable resources to manufacture and offer custom-made products

We continuously invest in latest technology so as to develop products that best match the quality standards for all applications. Extensive beta and field testing coupled with quality assessment and control ensure that our customers receive the best product.

Support Services

Just one call and our one of our executives will be there to support you.

Email us to rayuduvvs@gmail.com


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